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Luxury craftsmanship brought to life in 3D

Glencraft  3D Jamie Cameron
Mattress model showing components

Recently I undertook an exciting project to visualise a prototype for a luxury mattress manufacturer, based in Aberdeen since 1843.

Glencraft Luxury Mattresses design and manufacture a range of handmade mattress types to exacting standards from their showroom-workshop premises on Whitemyres Avenue. The range culminates in the Heritage Emperor Model, with over ten layers of cotton, wool, alpaca, silk and horsehair and no compromise in quality, and the product has to be seen to understand the level of work involved in the construction and finishing. The level of comfort is also something which cannot be expressed in words without failing to convey something important!

Following development of a new prototype, Glencraft were looking for a way to present the design to the client, in a way which would underscore their longstanding commitment to quality and the use of high quality materials.

Originally the idea had been to create a full-sized prototype, and find a way of posting this expressly to Asia, where the client's offices are located.

By creating a detailed 3D model of the prototype, and animating its dissassembly, I was able to create an interactive slider which brought the design to life and allowed the directors to cycle between 'closed' and 'open' views, showing the mattress both in its finished form, and as a distinct set of individual components. The end result can be easily manipulated by the mouse, and by dragging left or right the mattress is opened or closed as desired.

Glencraft mattress single luxury

Glencraft single mattress DPM Jamie Cameron

Glencraft double mattress elements render

Glencraft deconstruction 3D Jamie Cameron

Glencraft Heritage mattress DPM Jamie Cameron

Glencraft single mattress DPM Jamie Cameron

Accompanying the interactive slider were a set of closeup stills showing the mattress at various stages of construction, and all were made available online for the client to view again at their convenience.

Going forwards I am looking forward to helping Glencraft bring the rest of their range to life, and look forward to working with them again soon.

Until next time,

Jamie C. Cameron


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