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Here you will find a selection of projects I have undertaken, and find out the nature and scale of 3D animation and visualisation works I can deliver.

2. Mud Coolers.jpg

Oil and


In the current economic climate, computer graphics can be pivotal for your success as an oil and gas business, saving you both time and money.


There is no substitute for presenting your idea - be it complex or simple - in the best possible light, and this can be done effectively with 3D animation and visualisation.


I can work from technical specifications, photographs and drawings to create images, animation and print materials to help convey your projects to your clients and stakeholders.

See a selection of Oil and Gas case studies.

Architecture and Interiors

Whether you are an interior designer, an architect or a developer, seeing your proposals before they are built can help you make the right decisions and lead to a cost-effective solution.

Texture, materials and lighting are what define a space, and this is where computer graphics animation has the edge.

I can work from floor plans, sketches or concepts to create stunning still images and walkthroughs to help you bring your idea a step closer to reality.

See a selection of Architecture and Interiors case studies.

2. Chair in Room.jpg

Designers and Installers

Having a set of final images - whatever design stage you are at - not only helps you sell the idea to others, it also gives you something concrete to work towards.

I can also bring your product to life and show it in action, with fly-around, dissasembly and functional animations.

A neat design is a key factor in the process of conveying your idea's purpose, and I will work with you to visualise it accurately from top to bottom.

See a selection of Product Design case studies.

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