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We enjoy working with a varied customer base and take great joy in being able to adapt our skills to each single piece of work. Whatever your project, there is always an ideal way to showcase it in the best light. Below are some of the ways in which we can help you achieve this.

2. Gin Bottle with Strawberries.jpg

Still Images

The right image speaks a thousand words. From getting the model bang on, to achieving a dynamic composition that conveys your idea clearly and powerfully, we draw upon our skills of engineeringdesign, and art to create memorable evocative work.

Having a strong understanding of both engineering and design projects as well as handmade crafts and product development, we make it our priority to fully understand your project from the ground up in order to help you captivate your audience.

With experience in exhibition design and printing, we can also advise on how best to produce physical copies of the images.

We can model still images from reference photos, plans, drawings, technical spec sheets or a detailed description.

See an example of still images work.

2. Oil and Gas Tree.jpg


The power of the moving image is a great tool for engaging with your audience, as the best way to get your ideas a step closer to reality is to show them in a realistic and lively way.

Animation is a great way to convey a higher level of information, and is particularly useful if you are trying to explain a process or operation that has moving parts. In a similar way to the still images, every aspect of your animation can be tailored to what you are trying to do, and by understanding your project from the ground up we will help you find the right approach to use.

From eagle-eye views of a new development down to the precise operation of an engineering product, video animation can be a fantastic way to get people talking about your latest idea.

We can model 3D animations from reference photos, plans, drawings, technical spec sheets or a detailed description.

See a selection of animation work.

2. Glencraft Mattress Disassembled.jpg


Being able to engage directly with your ideas can really get others interested in what you are offering.

This can be achieved in several ways, and depending on the level of engagement you want and what you are showing, we will be able to recommend the right approach and how its unique benefits will fulfil your intentions.

From a physical 3D model - great for conferences and meetings - to 360º virtual tours that navigate around your project and allow people to look from different perspectives within the comfort of their own home, interaction is an increasingly used method of engaging with customers and getting them to understand your idea.

Once we have a grasp of the in-depth details of your project we can advise you on the options that will benefit you most.

See an example of interactive work.

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