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Welcome to Jamie Cameron 3D Graphics

Updated: Aug 1, 2018


It's great to finally be up and running, and you may wonder what this new website is all about.

If you are familiar with my Illustration and Sculpture work under Aberdeen Art, you will know that I've always had a passion for 3D design and visualisation, all the way back to studying architecture at university. The handmade style of work I undertook at Aberdeen Art has allowed me to create lots of exciting pieces from local building illustrations to cityscape sculptures and rusted stag's heads.

Following the recent Northern Star Business Awards which I had the pleasure of designing for the Aberdeen  & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, thanks to and learning more about the local businesses in Aberdeen, I realised that there is a big demand from the commercial side for artists and creative people, and this really opened my eyes.

Thinking back to my days at school when I first began playing around with 3D computer graphics and worked on a project to show an animation of a revitalised Union Terrace Gardens (if only had I known!), I realised that working with computer graphics would afford so many more possibilities, and in terms of what commercial clients might be looking for, be better for them in saving time and money, and allowing amazing flexibility and versatility in what can be done. 

Knowing friends and family who work in oil and gas, and having myself worked in architecture, I know how crucial it can be to convey the right ideas clearly and accurately, and money can be lost by failing to convey things in the right way - whether this is to co-workers, clients, sales teams, at exhibitions and even in the office day to day... it all adds up, and that's where I come to help.

I am now offering 3D animation and visualisation services, so whether you are working in oil and gas, engineering, architecture, product development, property, construction, advertising or anything at all where you need to see your vision brought into reality, and want to show it off in the best light, I hope I will be of help.

Until next time,

Jamie C. Cameron


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