Bring your vision

to reality.

Welcome to the website of Aberdeen-based

graphics artist and visualiser Jamie Cameron.

Having trained as an architect and possessing a strong passion for design and communication, I specialise in bringing to life subjects in high realism with 3D animation and visualisation, and I make it my aim to bring your vision to reality.

Have a browse through my service lines to see how I can help you, view a range of case studies in my portfolio, and get in touch to arrange a meeting over a cup of coffee, where I will guide you through every step of the design process.

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How can 3D animations and visualisations help you?

What can I assist you with?

3D graphics will be an invaluable investment

for your business if you want to:

  • Showcase a proposal

  • Speed up the problem solving / refining process

  • Make key decisions more accurately

  • Illustrate complex scenarios

  • Save money on expensive physical models

Depending on what you want to achieve, I can help you by creating:


  • Accurate textures

  • Photo-realistic 3D images

  • Disassembled models ('exploded' views)

  • Video animations

  • Interactive animations

Contemporary Home Extension
Work-Class ROV Module
Bespoke Chair Design

Selected case studies:

Work-Class ROV Module



An exciting project to create in high detail this Work-Class ROV, which is designed to undertake complex subsea work such as collecting items, repairing oil pipelines, and recording accurate camera footage. 

The ROV was fully modelled and textured to accurately represent the real unit, which can be rendered in action to simulate scenes, with the articulated arms and components moving as they do in real life.

A set of high resolution still images was created from multiple views, to show different aspects of the module for sales, marketing and online use. 

Bespoke Chair Design



An exciting idea for an innovative and modern chair, designed to create an attentive, comfortable sitting experience.

The client, a designer of bespoke and finely-crafted chairs and furniture, wanted to visualise a new design he was working on and achieve the following:​

  • Visualising the furniture's look in a range of settings without the expense of hiring photographers and sets

  • Modifying and exploring new design variants, and arrive at the final design quickly

Contemporary Home Extension



These proposals were used to help the client and planning department visualise the interior space and unusual modern roof design, and show how it would look finished to the levels specified in the architects' plans.

The visuals helped convey:​

  • The division of the space into separate living areas

  • The connection between interior and exterior

  • The relationship between old building and new extension