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Bespoke chair design

The visuals helped facilitate:​

  • The exploration of material choices 

  • The visualisation in real-life spaces 

Jonathan Rose is a high-end furniture designer who marries ergonomic design with striking artistic concepts. In preparation for a prestigious furniture exhibition in London, I worked with him to bring a series of new designs to life, rendering these chairs in a high level of realism. The material palette included exotic finishes such as charred wood, Japanese lacquer, gold leaf and velvet. Each material was simulated from its real-life characteristics, giving infinite flexibility. 

  • The appearance in  different lighting conditions

  • An increased versatility over traditional photography

The finished chairs were depicted in neutral studio backdrops and real life ‘gallery’ settings, and conceptual renders gave customers an insight into the idea generation process. Developing a series of finished images allowed Mr. Rose to present potential designs to a unique audience, as well as gain feedback and potential orders. 

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