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Bespoke kitchen

The visuals helped clarify:​

  • Design and style of the kitchen cupboards 

  • Bespoke and quirky elements 

  • Finishes and paint colours 

Working with a long-established cabinetmaker based in Aberdeenshire, these visuals were created to help a new client visualise how their bespoke kitchen design was going to look. With details such as built-in display shelving and a custom-made booth to seat eight in reclaimed elm from the clients' estate, the design truly had to be seen to be appreciated.

  • How one decision works within the overall design

  • How the space will function 

  • The use of ambient and task lighting 

Working from layout plans and templates from the joinery workshop, I created a highly accurate virtual model of the space, which was textured and furnished to create a series of still images bringing the designs to life.

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